Dryer Warning Label

This label, or one similar, is required on all dryers. The problems is, it”s located on the back of the dryer and out of sight. It”s referring to the transition tube that connects your dryer to your dryer vent system.

Many dryer fires originate at or near the dryer’s heater intake during a drying cycle. Embers or flames exit the back of the dryer through the dryer’s exhaust. Lint that has accumulated in the dryer vent transition tube and dryer vent system are ignited when this occurs.

Foil transition tubes have little to no fire resistant characteristics, and plastic tubes have none. Fire can quickly burn through these types of tubes and quickly involve the laundry area.

To contain embers or fire exiting the dryer, a solid metal or semi-rigid corrugated transition tube is needed.  (See picture below) In some cases, using foil or plastic transition tubes can even void the warranty on the dryer!

The other problem with foil or plastic tubes is kinking or crushing. These types of transition tubes lay flat on the floor and are easily bent or crushed, seriously restricting the dryer’s airflow. They also collect lint much faster than metal tubes due to the ridges inherent with their design.

Be sure to check and see what type of transition tube you have. If you’re unsure that  what you have is safe, contact a qualified professional.

Semi-Rigid Corrugated Dryer Vent Transition Tube

Foil Type Transition Tube

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