Roof Top Dryer Vents

Many of our customers have dryer vents that terminate at the roof. This is most common in newer homes. New construction trends place laundry rooms in the middle of the house, on the second floor or in hallways which require very long runs to reach the termination point. In the past, laundry areas . . . → Read More: Roof Top Dryer Vents

Not So Real Reviews

With so many choices in service providers, reviews can be a great way to determine a company’s track record. Past performance is often an indicator of future performance. Unfortunately, some service providers “cheat” with reviews to try to gain consumer confidence and boost search engine rankings.

The next time you’re looking for a service . . . → Read More: Not So Real Reviews

Dryer Warning Label

This label, or one similar, is required on all dryers. The problems is, it”s located on the back of the dryer and out of sight. It”s referring to the transition tube that connects your dryer to your dryer vent system.

Many dryer fires originate at or near the dryer’s heater intake . . . → Read More: Dryer Warning Label